Made from Fortunato No. 4, this bar is made with one of the rarest chocolates in the world. Fortunato No. 4 comes from a cocoa pod that produces white beans, which are the only white cacao beans in the world! Those beans are then dried, fermented and roasted to obtain their dark color. Located in Peru, these pods come together to make a delicious 68% dark chocolate.



Fortunato is the company that owns these delicious beans. They are known for going above and beyond for their farmers. That is why Erika chose this company to work with as a partner. Last summer, Erika traveled to Peru to visit with the farmers and see the process in action. She learned about the process of growing, harvesting and making the Fortunato No. 4 bean into chocolate.



 One of the things that we love most about Fortunato is it's continual care of it's farmers. It's not a one time meeting and checks in the mail. They care for them. If one of the famers or houses are struck by disaster, the company comes in and helps them rebuild, helping them however they can to get back on their feet. The farmers are also paid a 30% premium. We like to know that we’re eating good chocolate from good people!

Cellar Door Chocolates is proud to be the exclusive seller of Fortunato chocolate in the state of Kentucky.

We would love for you to continue reading about Fortunato No.4 , their process and their company. 


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